Monday, May 19, 2014

Taupe Armoire With Pink Flower Pulls

I just LOVED working on this little lady.  She gave me a tough time here and there but I think she turned out rather prissified!  I painted her in a soft taupe using OOPS paint, removed the inner shelf dividers to allow for the inside of the armoire to be a bit more versatile and changed out the knobs to translucent pink flowers.  A few of the drawers appear to have been used more than the others.  To give them a uniformed look, a touch of pink piggy paper did the trick!

She hung out with me at a vintage market I did this past weekend.  She didn't go home with anyone, so she's up for grabs in my etsy shop!

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Enjoy Being Prissy!


  1. What a beautiful transformation!! I love it, the pink and the pigs too, cute!

  2. Such a beautiful makeover. I love the new color and finish. The new pink knobs are a great addition as well as the pig-paper lined drawers.

  3. She sure is beautiful now! I like the color and now her details really stand out. The pink knobs are really cute. Thanks for stopping by and liking my Chippy Cottage Railing!

  4. Thank you ladies! I really enjoyed painting her. The piggies were a fun little bonus! Thanks for the compliments.

  5. What a beauty! I'm sure she'll find a happy new home soon!